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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Hazel Lanes. This Hazel Lanes website is managed by a volunteer webmaster on behalf of the Board of Directors. The website requires the use of a password for each session. The password will be changed from time to time. Very few websites can afford the kind of security used by banks and similar institutions and even these security / password systems can have flaws. Hazel Lanes, nonetheless, takes reasonable steps to minimize the likelihood of unauthorized users accessing the Hazel Lanes website. The Hazel Lanes website is not advertised nor does Hazel Lanes advise search engines of its existence.

Information contained in the Hazel Lanes website takes two forms (a) textual information and (b) photographic information. Textual information is provided based on the express or implied consent of the Hazel Lanes resident. Such information is generally in the public domain (such as name, address and telephone number found in a telephone book or in the province's property register), is available to other Hazel Lanes residents (such as the Hazel Lanes telephone / e-mail directory) or is provided by the Hazel Lanes resident him / herself. Photographic information, typically a digital image, is used in the Hazel Lanes website based on the implied consent of Hazel Lanes residents when the photograph was taken. Hazel Lanes will use its best efforts to respect a written request by a Hazel Lanes resident to limit photographs of that resident to photographs which are of a group of people.

The Hazel Lanes website has been designed to communicate effectively with Hazel Lanes residents. Information concerning events, activities, policies, etc. is provided in order to enhance the Hazel Lanes experience. In this regard, it is vital that Hazel Lanes residents keep the webite password confidential. Please do not share the website address and password with others. Senior individuals at Huntington Properties and Tender Lawn Care have been granted access to the website and have agreed that the website password will not be shared with others

If you have concerns regarding your privacy, please contact Frank Kearney, the web master or John Bisset, the President of Hazel Lanes.

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